[MARMAM] WMMC Workshop: The Diving Brain – Adaptations for Extreme Environments

Stefan Huggenberger st.huggenberger at uni-koeln.de
Wed Aug 14 01:40:24 PDT 2019

Dear MarMamers

Here we are happy to announce the workshop “The Diving Brain –  
Adaptations for Extreme Environments” at the World Marine Mammal  
Conference on Saturday, December 7th 2019 in Barcelona (Spain).  
Registration for the workshop can be completed at the WMMC website.  
Further information including a preliminary program are given below.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona,
Stefan Huggenberger and Bruno Cozzi (workshop organizers)

Workshop description:

During the last two centuries, anatomical and physiological studies  
have been the fundamental background and footing of advanced research  
on marine mammals. The aims of the workshop are (1st) to give an  
overview of actual research on the nervous system of diving mammals,  
its nourishment and blood supply through seminars given by leading  
experts; and (2nd) to stimulate the discussions between experts and  
graduate and PhD students.
This workshop aims at promoting and supporting basic morphological and  
physiological research of brain function of marine mammals. This  
research is unquestionably international, so that we will have  
speakers from many countries around the world. We want to encourage  
long-term exchange and research activities on the structure and  
function of marine mammals as a solid basis for molecular disciplines.
The goal and ambition of this workshop is to stimulate and coordinate  
future research and educational projects.

Preliminary workshop program, Saturday 7. December 2019:

09:00  Luciano Fadiga (University of Ferrara, Italy) – Of men and  
whales: diving physiology.
09:30  Sam H. Ridgway (San Diego, U.S.A.) – Cortex and Cerebellum -  
long and short divers.
10:00  Hannsjörg Schröder (University of Cologne, Germany) – Comparing  
big brains: a brainstem view.

10:30  Coffee break

11:00  Short presentations from participants
	- tba
	- tba
	- tba
	[Stefan Huggenberger & Bruno Cozzi (University of Cologne, Germany,  
and University of Padova, Italy) – Uncharted territories in the brains  
of marine mammals].

12:00  Round table: Future directions and discussion for summarizing  
main scientific problems (“hot topics”) to encourage joint future  
12:40  Conclusion and future venues

13:00  Lunch

14:30  Two parallel afternoon sessions with practical work using  
modern teaching equipment such as virtual microscopy and open source  
tools for tomography data (participants can move from one session to  
the other and back)
     1. Navigating through the brain: macro slide series and MRI scans  
of dolphin brains (90’ to 120’)
     2. Neuro-histology and routine histological slides from other  
organs (90’ to 120’)

Dr. Stefan Huggenberger
Department II of Anatomy (Neuroanatomy)
University of Cologne
50924 Cologne, Germany
Fon: +49-221-478-87848
Fax: +49-221-478-1427477
Email: st.huggenberger at uni-koeln.de

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