[MARMAM] New publication: Habitat use models of spatially auto-correlated data: a case study of the common bottlenose dolphin

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Fri Aug 9 05:55:43 PDT 2019

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce our latest paper:

Rodrigo H. Tardin, Yongwan Chun, Sheila M. Simão & Maria Alice S. Alves
(2019) Habitat use models of spatially auto-correlated data: a case study
of the common bottlenose dolphin, *Tursiops truncatus truncatus*, in
southeastern Brazil,Marine Biology Research, DOI:

A common approach to studying habitat use in cetaceans is to conduct
line-transect surveys, to investigate their distribution. In developing
countries, there are limited resources for data collection. One solution is
to employ field surveys to collect a wide range of ecological and
behavioural data, for which a haphazard sampling schedule is adopted, to
optimize the cost–benefit ratio. As with line-transect surveys, the
haphazard sampling may lead to spatial autocorrelation (SAC), an overlooked
problem in ecology. Here, we investigated common bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops
truncatus truncatus*) habitat use on an upwelling area and tested an
approach that can improve model-based inference on auto-correlated data. We
collected data in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, photo-identified 429
individuals and compared the predictions and model coefficients of standard
generalized linear model (GLM) without correcting for spatial
autocorrelation with a spatial eigenvector generalized linear model
(SEV-GLM) which compensates for SAC. Our best SEV-GLM predicted dolphins
are more likely to occur on cold waters with increased chlorophyll
concentration, indicating dolphins are influenced by the upwelling.
Moreover, by correcting for SAC, our models had a better fit to data,
magnified the relevance of significant variables and showed smaller and
less clumped residuals than when not correcting.

The paper is available at:
or email me at: rhtardin at gmail.com.


Rodrigo Tardin

Pós-doutorando - Departamento de Ecologia - IB - UFRJ
Pesquisador Associado - Laboratório de Bioacústica e Ecologia de Cetáceos
D.Sc. em Ecologia e Evolução - IBRAG - UERJ
Post-doctoral fellow - Ecology department - IB - UFRJ (RJ, Brazil)
D.Sc. in Ecology and Evolution - UERJ
Associate scientist at Cetacean Bioacoustics and Ecology Lab

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