[MARMAM] Workshop Announcement for Marine Mammal Emergency Response and Preparedness at the World Marine Mammal Conference

Mendy Garron - NOAA Federal mendy.garron at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 9 10:20:39 PDT 2019

Management of Marine Mammal Morbidity and Mortality Events – Emergency
Response and Preparedness

Full-day Workshop

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Increasing climate and environmental variability may lead to unusual and
elevated marine mammal stranding events. The increase in frequency of
Unusual Stranding Events (UME)  has taxed the resources of established
stranding responders as well as local, state, and federal agencies. The
need to identify ways to rapidly locate and deploy resources is critical to
addressing these emerging events.  At the start of 2019, nine federally
declared Unusual Mortality Events (UME) were open in the United States,
with seven events actively responding to elevated stranding rates of marine
mammal taxa from whales to pinnipeds. These mortality events increased the
demands placed on the national stranding response network and required a
significant amount of additional resources to manage.  Over the last
decade, stranding responders have worked with local, state, and federal
government emergency response frameworks to integrate response efforts
related to large scale marine mammal morbidity and mortality events into
their response operations. Case studies of large mortality events, high
profile stranding cases, and complex incidents will be presented in this
workshop, along with lessons learned documented through extensive
after-action review processes with stranding network professionals.
Recommendations developed by stranding responders and government agencies
will be provided and interactive training sessions for marine mammal field
responders will be integrated into the workshop.

Unusual stranding events considered in this workshop will include mass
strandings, elevated stranding rates over an extended time period, oil
spill related events, out-of-habitat situations, carcass disposal and
general response that taxes the local resources during an emergency
response.  Intended audience includes existing, as well as newly formed,
stranding response organizations, non-governmental, academic, local, state
and federal response entities.

Workshop Information and Registration

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Mendy Garron and Robert DiGiovanni Jr. (workshop organizers)

mendy.garron at noaa.gov  / rdigiovanni at amseas.org
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