[MARMAM] Survey: Communicating Science for the Conservation of Marine Mammals

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Tue Aug 6 07:57:32 PDT 2019

Survey: Communicating Science for the Conservation of Marine Mammals

Disclaimer: This survey is part of a study being conducted by Roxanne J Carini, PhD (the principal investigator), independent of her one-year Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship at the Marine Mammal Commission. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

The purpose of this survey is to better understand attitudes/opinions and levels of engagement of those who work on marine mammal issues regarding how scientific results are applied to marine mammal conservation, policy, and management.

A similar survey was originally designed and conducted in 2007 by Vicki Cornish and Raychelle Daniel, while working for the Ocean Conservancy. The survey is re-administered, with minor changes for modernization, to assess current attitudes and how they might have changed since 2007.

The results of this survey will be shared as a poster presentation at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain, in December 2019 (Abstract 1121). The results will also be distributed to the MARMAM list-serve and shared broadly with interested government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and others interested in improving communication efforts related to the conservation of marine mammals.

This survey will be open on SurveyMonkey for a period of six weeks (until 20 September 2019).

Thank you,
Roxanne J Carini

Roxanne J Carini, PhD
John A Knauss Marine Policy Fellow
Marine Mammal Commission
rcarini at mmc.gov | 301-504-0087

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