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Dear colleagues;

We are having some difficulty convincing (eight years now) the Dutch CITES management authority that scientific institutions can be registered with CITES for exchange/loan of marine mammal materials. For some reason the Dutch CITES folks keep insisting that this exemption ONLY applies to plant materials, despite pretty clear language in the applicable regulation (11.15) which clearly states 

"RECOGNIZING that this exemption should apply to legally acquired animal and plant specimens that are under the authority of a registered scientific institution;”

I have now made some small progress, as they now ask if I can provide examples of registered scientific institutions that exchange marine mammal specimens for scientific purposes. I am aware of some institutions (mainly collaborators), but it probably would help if I can add more. I am therefore hoping for your help, i.e., to let me know if you know any institution(s) registered as a scientific institution with CITES for exchange of marine mammal material. If you tell me which country and the institution name (or registration number) then I can find the remainder information on the CITES web-site.

Thank You for your help,

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