[MARMAM] “2nd announcement - Workshop on "Arts" as a tool for communicating marine mammal science to the general public -World Marine Mammal Science Conference - Joint SMM and ECS conference in Barcelona, Dec 2019”.

Volker Smit smit at m-e-e-r.de
Mon Apr 22 11:09:01 PDT 2019

Dear MARMAMers!

We are finishing the draft programme for our 7th workshop proposal on 
Communicating marine mammal science to the general public. The workshop 
will be within the World Marine Mammal Science Conference that will take 
place in Barcelona in December 2019 jointly organized by the European 
Cetacean Society (ECS) and the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM).

This year sub-theme will be centred on “Arts as a tool for communication”.

With "Arts" we include all forms of expression or application of human 
creative skill and imagination, including the various branches of 
creativity such as painting, music, literature and dance, technology…..

We have already received very interesting contributions to the program, 
however, we are still open to incorporate more contributions.

If you are interested please contact us shortly since the deadline of 
the workshop submission is approaching (30.04.19).

Many regards,

Luigi and Volker

Dr. Luigi Bundone: luigibundone at tiscali.it <mailto:luigibundone at tiscali.it>


Volker Smit: smit at m-e-e-r.de <mailto:smit at m-e-e-r.de>


Volker Smit
2.Vorsitzender - vice-president

T +49-(0)2041-4629243
smit at m-e-e-r.de


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