[MARMAM] Electronic field data collection: CyberTracker and rugged android tablet feedback

Daniella Hanf daniella.hanf at flinders.edu.au
Wed Apr 17 00:43:55 PDT 2019

Dear field biologists of the MARMAM community

My colleagues and I are interested in using CyberTracker for an upcoming field survey. I’m interested in feedback from anyone who has used this software, and willing to share their lessons learnt.

I’m also keen for advice regarding rugged android tablets, especially performance of newer models.

If you can assist, please email me directly on daniella.hanf at flinders.edu.au<mailto:daniella.hanf at flinders.edu.au>.

Many thanks

Daniella Hanf

Researcher | Cetacean Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution Lab (CEBEL), Flinders University
Honorary Research Associate | Aquatic Megafauna Research Unit (AMRU), Murdoch University
Principal Consultant | Stenella Marine & Social Science

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