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*BACKGROUND**: *FEMM Ecuador (Fundación Ecuatoriana para el estudio de
Mamíferos Marinos), is a private, non-profit and volunteering organization. We
have been working on research and conservation for 30 years to benefit
Marine mammals: bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus)* and humpback
whales (*Megaptera novaeangliae*) mainly and in recent years with
marine-coastal protected areas to preserve their habitats.

We need volunteers to help us to support projects and activities related
with these marine mammal’s species and marine coastal protected areas. The
main areas of work are related to research, conservation, sustainable
management, environmental education, ecotourism and regulations and
policies. We expect that volunteers could be involved in research,
conservation, education, administrative, social media/web, fundraising work
and other activities.

*WHERE*: Santa Elena and Posorja, Ecuador

*WHEN: *The bottlenose dolphins of the area that we study are always in
their habitats so we do field trips during the whole year. The humpback
whale season is between June and September. Beside we have office work to
analyze all this data the whole year.

*FEES: * There are four different volunteering programs:

1.       *Internship volunteering:* minimum 1 month, it's included
accommodation and two meals with a 50 USD daily fee (more information on
the sections below). Research field trips included.

2.        *Free volunteering:* minimum 6 months, it's included
accommodation but the other conditions will be agreed between the
Foundation and the volunteer.

3.       *Free volunteering with special arrangements:* limited (short)
time for people with special skills required by the organization and
conditions will be agreed with FEMM Ecuador. Accommodation it's included.

4.        *Online volunteering:* minimum 1 month with the conditions
specified in the online volunteering section. It is not on-site. Personal
internet services needed.

*In all of them it’s mandatory to pay a 5 USD application fee. For more
information, check the link below.



*1. Assistant in different disciplines/multipurpose activities *

*2. Marketing and Fundraising*

*3. Community manager*

*4. Administrative Assistant*

*5. Environmental Education Assistant*

*6. Conservation Assistant*

*7. Website Designer to create the Organization website*

*8. Drone photographer*


*A.- Mandatory/ Essential*

·         A1. Ages between 18-45 years old, exceptionally outstanding
seniors or teenagers with strong background and authorization letter signed
by their parents. Each case will be analyzed on personal and conditional

·         A2. University student / professional in biology, environmental,
Biodiversity, zoology, tourism, geography, administration, marketing, Data
analysis (including related careers) or previous experience in volunteering
with marine mammals or related topics.

·         A3. Love specially for nature, Biodiversity, protected areas and
environment and special love for Marine Mammals.

·         A4. Capacity to work alone/team with long and flexible periods of

·         A5. Capacity to follow orders

·         A6. Excellent communicational skills.

·         A7. Excellent personal attitude and tolerance to work and deal
with different kind of people.

·         A8. Capacity to work in field / office activities.

·         A9. Adaptation to live in shared/ multicultural conditions.

·         A10. Absolute respect and care for institutional administrative
proceedings, internal rules, and all volunteers/members of FEMM.

·         A11. Absolute respect and care for institutional accommodations,
furniture and equipment.

·         A12. Bring your Own laptop to office work.

·         A13. English or Spanish spoken.

·         A14. Application fee of 5 USD.

·         A15. Minimum 1 month of work at the internship volunteering

·         A16. Minimum 1 month of work at the online volunteering program.

·         A17. Minimum 6 months of work at the free volunteering program.

·         A18. Meet the visa requirements (tourism visa is good enough for
volunteers that will stay between 3 and 6 months).

·         A19. International Medical/life insurance that covers you on
volunteering time.

*B.- Desirable/Preferable*

·         B1. Bring your own Professional camera or videocamera to field

·         B2. Availability to learn/teach/train in specific activities.

·         B3. Strong spoken/ written communication skills.

·         B4. Knowledge of handle GPS, Professional cameras, Statistics,
photo-identification, GIS software, among others.

·         B5. Special/specific capabilities or background to support our

To see more specific requirements, check the Givingway platform.

*PROCEDURES: *applicants should check all the information of FEMM in the
link below and apply here (it’s necessary to create an account):


When you apply you will have to agree all the requirements, answer the
questionnaire and pay de 5 USD. When this step of the application is done,
it is required a CV and a cover letter (why do you want to come, which are
your personal and professional interests). Once this process is done we
will check all the information and we will proceed to make a
videoconference interview by Skype.

We have a donation program as well for the people who would like to help.



Pedro Jiménez, president of FEMM Ecuador

· email: femmecuador at gmail.com

· Phone/ Whatsapp: +593 999892591

· Skype: pedro.ecuador peterjoe01 at yahoo.es

· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FEMMECUADOR/
· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/femmecuador/
· Twitter: https://twitter.com/FEMMECUADOR


Biol. Pedro J. Jiménez V.

*Presidente  FEMM Ecuador*
Especialista en Mamíferos marinos, biodiversidad  y Manejo de Áreas
Consultor en Proyectos Ambientales y turísticos
Investigador de Mamíferos Marinos
Guía turístico nacional y local

*Dirección Oficina Principal*
Pasaje A, 204 entre calle 3ª y 4ª Urdesa norte
Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador - Sudamérica

*Dirección Oficina Sucursal Playas- **Península*
* Valdivia s/n y Felix Sarmiento ** -  *Santa Elena - Ecuador

*Celular/ Whatsapp * 593-(0)999892591 *telf:*  593-(0) 2386127
*Website:*   www.femmecuador.org
*Facebook*: Pedro José Jimenez / FEMM Ecuador
*Instagram:* femmecuador
*Programa de Voluntariado: *
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