[MARMAM] New PhD posititions on marine mammals at University of Padova - Italy

Sandro Mazzariol sandro.mazzariol at unipd.it
Thu Apr 11 21:48:27 PDT 2019

Dear all

this email is just to inform you all that the call for 2 PhD positions
on marine mammal medicine have been opened and it will close on May
14th. The two candidates will be involved in developing new technologies
as machine learning and virtual/augmented reality to represent and
study  cetaceans' anatomy, physiology and pathology to some specific
tissues and organs, in particular to the brain and the understanding
acoustic pathways under the supervision of myself (Sandro Mazzariol) and
Prof. Bruno Cozzi from Padua University. Selected candidates will be in
touch with also with all the researches ongoing in our Department as
well as with necropsies on marine mammals and sea turtles perforemd in
our Department.

You can find the call in English at

Select the PhD Course in Veterinary Sciences (n. 41, the last one) and
look for scholarships funded by the Project ECCE AQUA - Dept of
Comparative Biomedicine and Food Sciences (Research Topic in "New
technologies and augmented reality in the study of marine vertebrates
medicine" and " Tissues images analyses by using big data management and

If you need further information please don't exitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Sandro Mazzariol

Prof. Sandro Mazzariol, DVM, PhD
Dipartimento di Biomedicina Comparata e Alimentazione (BCA) - Università degli Studi di Padova
Cetaceans strandings Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Centro Interuniversitario per la Ricerca sui CEtacei (CIRCE)

Viale dell'Università 16
35020 - Legnaro (PD)

tel.: +39 049 827 2963
fax:  +39 049 827 2973
skype: smazzariol

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