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Irrawaddy Dolphin Research Internship – Coastal Cambodia

Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is an NGO based on the island of Koh Ach
Seh, in Cambodia's Kep Archipelago. The organisation has many facets,
including working to stop illegal fishing practices, ecological and social
science research and collecting data to use in the implementation of
conservation legislation.

In September 2017, MCC introduced *The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation
Project,* in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s
Fisheries Administration. The project's primary aim is to collect data on
abundance, distribution and residency to delineate and protect critical
habitats for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin in Cambodia's Kep

We are currently looking for dolphin research interns to join the team from
May – August 2019!

*Project activities:   *

·  a minimum of 3 observational land surveys per week using a Theodolite
and Pythagoras software;

·  a minimum of 1 observational boat survey per week;

·  photo-identification techniques using Discovery software;

·  passive acoustic monitoring using a C-POD and CPOD.exe software;

·  social science techniques;

·  data entry, processing and analysis;

·  education and outreach;

·  running a marine mammal stranding network;

·  scientific writing for peer-reviewed journals and government reports;

·  designing marine mammal legislation.

*Basic internship training schedule*

Session 1: Introduction to MCC and The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation

Session 2: Research method training on observational land and boat
surveying techniques.

Session 3: Marine mammal identification and behaviour training.

Session 4: Marine vessel identification training.

Session 5: Data sheet and data entry training.

Session 6: Drone footage analysis training.

Session 8: Theory test

Session 9: Theodolite introduction and training.

Session 10: Pythagoras and Theodolite station setting training.

You will also become involved in other project related activities,
depending on your interest, skill set and length of stay.

*Internship requirements:*

We are looking for dedicated, motived and hard-working interns, able to
commit for a minimum internship period of one month. Please note, priority
will be given to those who can commit to 2 or more months. We are looking
for those who will commit to early mornings and late nights, with a keen
interest in marine mammals and their conservation. Ideally, we are looking
for university students or recent graduates.

*Project site description:*

The project is based on the island of Koh Ach Seh, a 40-minute boat trip
from Kep Town, Cambodia. The island is inhabited only by MCC, a team made
up of a mixture of interdisciplinary international and local staff. The
accommodation and facilities on the island are basic but well-maintained.
You will be in shared and catered accommodation with fellow interns and
staff members. All project related resources are provided.

*Application process and fees:*

There is an internship fee associated with this internship, covering:

·         all food, water, accommodation;

·         transport to and from the mainland to the project island;

·         dolphin research training;

·         scuba diving (if qualified);

·         and the opportunity to get involved in activities and training at
MCC, such as seahorse research or artificial reef management.

There are limited spaces available, if interested, please send a CV/resume
and covering letter, stating your available dates and desired length of
stay, to cambodiadolphinproject at gmail.com
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