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The sixth International Conference on Bio-Acoustics, organised by the Institute of Acoustics, will be held at Holywell Park, Loughborough University, UK, 13-14 August 2019. 

The purpose of the conference will be to review the present state of this continually evolving subject area, to report on new developments and to examine future trends. Equal emphasis will be given to papers dealing with underwater, land-based and airborne studies, covering work which includes but is not limited to the bio-acoustics of birds, bats, insects, and marine and terrestrial mammals.
Particular themes of this conference will embrace, but are not restricted to:
- Biological sound production and reception mechanisms
- Performance evaluation of biological active and passive sonar systems
- Biological acoustic countermeasures and predator evasion techniques
- Physiological and behavioural impacts of anthropogenic sound
- Acoustic methods to reduce contention between animals and man
- Measurement and instrumentation systems used to study biological sounds
- Classification and analysis techniques for biological sounds
- Bio-inspiration and bio-mimetics - applying nature’s solutions to man-made systems
- Fisheries acoustics and other industrial applications related to bio-acoustics.
This conference will include an area for posters, exhibits and demonstrations. The aim of the poster area is to allow the informal exchange of scientific ideas, views and information.
Presenting authors will be encouraged to make use of the poster area to further explore their topic. Space will be made available if they wish to demonstrate working equipment.
Prospective authors should submit a title and abstract (up to 300 words) to linda.canty at ioa.org.uk, indicating whether they prefer poster or oral presentation.
Accepted abstracts will be listed on the website. Lead authors will be notified by email as soon as possible and will be given the option of submitting an extended abstract or a full paper by Friday 14 June 2019  for inclusion in the conference proceedings. Papers may be up to eight pages long, including diagrams, and must be prepared in the correct electronic format.
Further details of the conference, such as registration and programme will appear on the IOA web site www.ioa.org.uk when details have been finalised.
Organising committee and further information:
Peter Dobbins (peterdobbins1 at gmail.com <mailto:peterdobbins1 at gmail.com>),
Linda Canty (linda.canty at ioa.org.uk <mailto:linda.canty at ioa.org.uk>)

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