[MARMAM] call for volunteers on research vessel in Balearic Sea

Jasmine Spavieri jasmine at alnitak.org
Mon Apr 1 05:56:08 PDT 2019

Call for volunteers for data collection in Balearic Sea

ALNITAK are a marine science organisation looking for volunteers to crew our research ship this summer.

We will be monitoring top pelagic species in biodiversity hotspots Cabrera National Park and Menorca Biosphere Reserve. Volunteers will be participating fully in the data collection and research projects on the field. Part of our research focuses on surface observation and cataloguing Risso’s dolphin populations and sperm whales through photo-identification. We also conduct tagging of loggerhead sea turtles, microplastics research and more. Follow the link below to see our expedition dates: https://www.alnitak.org/surveys or contact Jasmine at jasmine at alnitak.org for more information.

We offer special deals for students who wish to join and ECTS university credits. Note: our internships are all filled this year, only volunteering spots remain.

Jasmine Spavieri

Communications and Education

 Alnitak Marine Research and Education Center

+447472037503  www.alnitak.org<http://www.alnitak.org>  @alnitakmission


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