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burnhamr at uvic.ca burnhamr at uvic.ca
Tue Apr 2 14:22:24 PDT 2019

My co-author and I are pleased to present our latest paper that
synthesizes our ecological findings from our gray whale study over the
last 20 years.

Burnham, R. and Duffus, D. 2018. Patterns of predator-prey dynamics
between gran whales (Eschrichtius robustus) and mysid species in Clayoguot
Sound. J. Cetacean Res. Manage. 19: 95-103.

The patterns of foraging intensity of gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus)
over a 17-year period (1997–2013) in Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island
are examined. In this area, epibenthic mysid species are gray whales’
primary prey. The analysis indicates a top-down modification on habitat
quality by this apex predator. Intense foraging in one or two summer
season contributes to reduced prey resources available in the following
Years of heavy predation pressure were followed by at least one year of
reduced foraging, probably allowing a reprieve in which the mysids could
repopulate. Over the time span several patterns were noted including:
boom-bust cycles; extended periods of reduced foraging; an overall
trend of foraging whales using Clayoquot Sound, followed by a significant
prey recovery in 2010. Life history patterns of mysids are discussed in
the context of their ability to recover from predation, and how this
recovery during a reprieve may buffer the intensity of foraging from the
previous year. The continuing ability of mysids to recover from repeated
and persistent removal will determine the use of Clayoquot Sound as a gray
foraging area in the future.

The link to the paper is:  https://archive.iwc.int/?r=7931
Or you can email me for copy of the PDF

Rianna Burnham, PhD

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