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Bruno Diaz Lopez bruno at thebdri.com
Tue Apr 2 09:56:46 PDT 2019

On behalf of the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI) <http://www.thebdri.com/>, I am pleased to announce that we are currently accepting new applications for our Summer-Fall Internship Program.

BACKGROUND - The mission of the BDRI since 2005 has been to study marine biodiversity and to educate students, decision-makers, and the public on scientific research and how to contribute to marine conservation. BDRI scientists conduct research across a wide range of subject areas such as the link between marine predators (cetaceans, otters, and marine birds) and their environment, cetacean society and population dynamics, the interaction between marine megafauna and human activities, and cetacean behaviour and acoustic communication. The BDRI performs systematic surveys to monitor charismatic marine mega-fauna (marine mammals and marine birds) in one of the most productive oceanic regions in the world (Galician waters, NW Spain), as it is a place with a great array of research questions to be answered regarding these animals and their environment. Surveys are carried out both from the coast and on-board the BDRI's research vessels in coastal and pelagic waters. BDRI’s reputation for success rests solidly on its ability to carry out scientific studies published in prestigious scientific journals, international conferences, and workshops.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION- An internship period at the BDRI offers an excellent opportunity for interested and motivated people to obtain field and laboratory experience in marine megafauna (cetaceans, marine birds, and otters) field research methodology and data analysis under the mentorship of experienced marine scientists. Lasting between one and six months, there’s a variety of research projects that will prepare participants for a professional career in the research of marine mammals, and conservation of the marine environment. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, participants will be trained to get involved with multiple research projects involving a combination of boat-based surveys onboard research vessels, land-based observations, laboratory work (photo-identification, GIS, bioacoustics, diet analysis, diving behaviour, video analysis, database work, etc), and strandings (response, rescue, necropsy, and data collection). The BDRI office is located in a pleasant research centre located in O Grove, Galicia (Spain). The BDRI is a very international environment, and the everyday working language is English.
The institute and research vessels are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, and the study area has especially good conditions for marine mammals and marine birds research. The incredible diversity of cetaceans present in these waters (up to 22 different species recorded) allows the BDRI team to have several ongoing research projects focused on the study of the ecology and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoises, Risso’s dolphins, common dolphins, pilot whales, humpback whales, minke whales, sei whales, fin whales, and blue whales.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. Apply early! 

BDRI internships are not paid and this training experience requires a tuition fee which is used to off-set the cost of training, use of research equipment, facilities and research vessels, shared accommodation, and other expenses. The fee reflects the real world costs and expenses that go into making the research program possible and the ¨Internship¨ program worthwhile.

For more information and details, please visit the page <https://www.thebdri.com/internships.html>

Feel free to send us an e-mail to: info at thebdri.com for any further information about the program.

Some of our ex-interns shared their BDRI internship experience at: <https://youtu.be/UAuO2XasBnw> 

For regular updates with photos and videos about our programs and research activities feel free to visit <https://www.facebook.com/thebdri/>

Scientific articles recently published by the BDRI (for a full list of publications please visit: <http://www.thebdri.com/research/papers.html>)

Diaz Lopez, B. (2018) “Hot deals at sea”: responses of a top predator (Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus) to human-induced changes in the coastal ecosystem. Behavioral Ecology. http:/doi.org/10.1093/beheco/ary162

Methion, S. & Diaz Lopez, B. (2018) Abundance and demographic parameters of bottlenose dolphins in a highly affected coastal ecosystem. Marine and Freshwater Research https://doi.org/10.1071/MF17346

Diaz Lopez, B & Methion, S. (2018) Does interspecific competition drive patterns of habitat use and relative density in harbour porpoises? Marine Biology (2018) 165:92. http://doi.org/10.1007/s00227-018-3345-8

Bruno Díaz López Ph.D
Chief biologist and Director
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI
Avenida Beiramar 192, O Grove 36980, Pontevedra, Spain
0034 684248552

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