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Wed Sep 12 11:03:34 PDT 2018

Greetings from New Zealand!

I’m looking for contributors working in the field of marine mammals research and human-wildlife management for a book on 'Charismatic Megafauna’. The book investigates the appeal of marine mammals to include a conservation and science message on responsible human-wildlife interactions. It will also highlight researchers and stakeholders working with marine mammals, their stories and background and visuals of human/wildlife interactions.

I’m currently looking for people who may want to contribute. Please contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions and/or would like to be involved.


Wiebke Finkler (PhD, MSc)
University of Otago
wiebke.finkler at otago.ac.nz <mailto:wiebke.finkler at otago.ac.nz>
www.goodwhalewatching.com <http://www.goodwhalewatching.com/>
cell. +64 21 1812204
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