[MARMAM] MMO vacancies for USA citizens, and permanent positions for MMOs and PAMOs

Recruitment recruitment at osc.co.uk
Fri Sep 28 05:44:09 PDT 2018

Dear MMOs,

OSC seeks MMOs for a project in the USA, with an estimated duration of 1-2 weeks. The survey vessel is Jones Act Compliant, so anyone who boards must be a US citizen; consequently, we are only looking for US-citizen applicants on this particular project. To minimise mob/demob costs, we are ideally looking for applicants who are based in Louisiana or have regular and competitively priced flights from their local airport to New Orleans International Airport - it would be helpful if applicants could indicate how long it takes to travel from your home to New Orleans. Rates are negotiable and on a door-to-door policy plus logistical (travel) expenses.

If you are interested and available, and not already on OSC's database, please provide copies of your CV, passport, driving licence (probably not needed, but useful for future reference), offshore survival and medical certificates, MMO and/or PAM and degree certificates. For documents not already in electronic format, please scan these, ideally using a flat-bed scanner (but a camera scanner will suffice), as photographs of documents are not often accepted due to suboptimal quality - presentation is everything, and clients are more likely to select applicants who take the time to properly scan documents. Please use relevant software programmes to minimise any scanned file sizes so that they remain clearly legible, yet easy for us to share by email with stakeholders. In this day and age, most of us receive emails on our mobile/cell phones, and most of us do not want to use our monthly mobile/cell data allowance to receive unnecessarily large documents that could have easily been resized using software programmes that are available online free of charge. If a flat-bed scanner creates PDF format only, which can be excessively large, open these documents in an image processing programme (free software available), and save in a different format such as JPEG, then use a suitable programme to reduce the file size - also available for free download online. PDF format is acceptable, but large file sizes are unnecessary. We still receive application emails with documents attached to several different emails on account of file size, which was normal in 1998, but not in 2018, hence this advice.

Please apply by email only to recruitment at osc.co.uk<mailto:recruitment at osc.co.uk> - recruitment enquiries to other OSC email addresses will not be considered.

Also, OSC will shortly be advertising permanent employment positions for MMOs and PAMOs, and interested candidates are welcome to apply sooner. These positions are for UK and EU citizens only, and successful candidates will need to relocate to Dunbar or nearby. In due course, further details will be available on various online locations and social media and on our website: http://www.osc.co.uk/careers

Please feel free to circulate this email amongst colleagues seeking contract (freelance) and permanent employment.

Thanks and kind regards,
Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC)
Spott Road, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1RR, Scotland, UK
T: +44 (0)1368 865 722
W: www.osc.co.uk

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