[MARMAM] Special issue on "Multidisciplinary Integrated Surveys"

Jérôme Spitz jerome.spitz at univ-lr.fr
Tue Sep 11 00:44:59 PDT 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of a special issue on 
"Multidisciplinary Integrated Surveys" in Progress in Oceanography.

This issue contains several papers dealing with marine mammals, such as:

- Authier /et al/. *Exploring change in the relative abundance of marine 
megafauna in the Bay of Biscay, 2004–2016.*

- Lambert /et al/. *Decadal stability in top predator habitat 
preferences in the Bay of Biscay.*

- Petitgas /et al./*Ecosystem spatial structure revealed by integrated 
survey data*

- Saavedra/et al/. *Assessing the environmental status of the 
short-beaked common dolphin (/Delphinus delphis/) in North-western 
Spanish waters using abundance trends and safe removal limits*

- Spitz /et al/. P*rey consumption by cetaceans reveals the importance 
of energy-rich food webs in the Bay of Biscay.*

All the best on behalf of all authors

Jérôme Spitz
Observatoire Pelagis,
University of La Rochelle

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