[MARMAM] U.S. Navy Living Marine Resource Program Need Topics - call for pre-proposals

Shoemaker, Mandy L CIV NAVFAC EXWC, EV31 mandy.shoemaker at navy.mil
Wed Sep 5 15:16:00 PDT 2018

The U.S. Navy Living Marine Resources (LMR) applied research program is seeking pre-proposals in six topic areas related to underwater sound produced by human activities and its effects on marine life.  Topics include: 1) improving duration of medium-term telemetry tag attachment, 2) demonstration and validation of PAM-based density estimation methods using visually verified survey data, 3) investigation of the effects of cue rate and cue stability on PAM-based density estimation methods, 4) demonstration and validation of passive acoustic monitoring sparse arrays to estimate density of low-frequency whales over large spatial areas, 5) identifying monitoring priorities for studying the population consequences of disturbance on marine mammals, and 6) turtle temporary threshold shift feasibility study.


Details regarding the need topics mentioned above, as well as the associated Appendices, can be found within the BAA (Solicitation # N3943018S2086) at www.neco.navy.mil, www.fbo.gov, or at http://navysustainability.dodlive.mil/environment/lmrproposals/. There is no specific format required for the pre-proposal, however, the information required in the pre-proposal is outlined in Appendix A -2018 Proposal Submission and Evaluation Guide. The pre-proposal should be consolidated into one single file and should not exceed 10 pages in length. All pre-proposals should be submitted via email to exwc_lmr_program at navy.mil. Pre-proposals pertaining to these need topics will be accepted until 11:59 PM PST on 22 October 2018. If invited, offerors will be asked to submit a full proposal.   


Anu Kumar

Program Manager

Living Marine Resources Program


Mandy Shoemaker

Deputy Program Manager

Living Marine Resources Program 

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