[MARMAM] NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 10

Solveig Enoksen solveig.enoksen at nammco.no
Sun Sep 2 23:51:50 PDT 2018

NAMMCO (North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission) is happy to announce that the NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 10: Age estimation of marine mammals with a focus on monodontids, is now completed and available online, open-access, at https://doi.org/10.7557/3.10.

This volume was edited by Christina Lockyer, Aleta Hohn, Roderick Hobbs, Robert EA Stewart and Mario Acquarone, and Jill Prewitt was the series editor.

The purpose of the NAMMCO Scientific Publications series is to make available in published, peer-reviewed form, scientific papers which have contributed to the work carried out by the NAMMCO Scientific Committee. Two additional volumes are currently in the making, and papers for these volumes will be published consecutively as they are finished. For previous volumes, go to the "Archives" section of the journal website. Volumes 1-9 are also available in hard copy format.

For more information on the NAMMCO Scientific Publications series, or to order a hard copy of the available volumes, please contact the NAMMCO Secretariat at nammco-sec at nammco.no<mailto:nammco-sec at nammco.no>.

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