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Dear all,

On behalf of my co-authors, I am pleased to announce the publication of the
following article:

“*Preliminary study of long-range transport of halogenated flame retardants
using Antarctic marine mammals**”. *Oscar Aznar-Alemany, Xuefei Yang,
Mariana B. Alonso, Erli Schneider Costa, João Paulo M. Torres, Olaf Malm,
Damià Barcelo, Ethel Eljarrat (2019)

*Science of the Total Environment* 650: 1889–1897


*Capsule abstract:* Halogenated flame retardants were in tissues of
Antarctic seals proving long-range transport. Dechloranes showed similar
behaviour to PBDEs, additionally they crossed the BBB (blood-brain barrier).


Eight PBDE congeners, three emerging brominated flame retardants, five
dechloranes and eight MeO-PBDEs were monitored in tissues (muscular,
adipose, brain) and fur of southern elephant seal and Antarctic fur seal of
the South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula. Total PBDEs and total
dechloranes concentrations ranged between n.d.–6 ng/g lw. While PBDEs were
not detected in brain tissue, Dec 602 was found in brain tissue of both
seal species indicating that dechloranes —with potential neurological
toxicity— could cross the blood-brain barrier. Emerging brominated flame
retardants were not detected in any sample and only two MeOPBDEs, which are
of natural origin, were found. The presence of the detected compounds in
biota from the Antarctic evidences their long-range transportation, being
of special interest the detection of emerging compounds such as
dechloranes. This is the first time that these contaminants have been
detected in marine mammals from the Antarctic. BDE-47 concentrations were
lower than previously reported for the same species, suggesting a
successful effect of the existing regulation and bans on PBDEs.

The full text and pdf are available from:


For any questions or pdf requests please email:

Mariana Alonso: alonso.mb at gmail.com <skj3 at st-andrews.ac.uk>

Best regards,

*Mariana Batha Alonso**, Ph.D.*

Adjunct Professor

Laboratory of Radioisotopes Eduardo Penna Franca
Institute of Biophysics Carlos Chagas Filho
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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