[MARMAM] New paper: How citizens can encourage scientific research: the case study of bottlenose dolphins monitoring

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Dear MARMAM readers,

On behalf of my co-authors, I'd like to draw your attention to a recently
published paper: "*How citizens can encourage scientific research: the case
study of bottlenose dolphins monitoring*". Alessi, J., Bruccoleri, F.,
Cafaro, V. (2019). Ocean & Coastal Management, 167, 9-19.


Citizen science projects are an advantageous method to carry out research
in the marine environmental field, especially concerning high mobile and
often elusive species like cetaceans, allowing the collection of data in
wide spatial-temporal scale. This project aims to validate the feasibility
and accuracy of cetacean monitoring program through the citizen science
approach and to test the efficiency of this method to large scale study
area. In this work data obtained by researchers monitoring were compared
with data coming from citizen, which followed specifically developed
protocol. Data collected were used to investigate the presence and
distribution of bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) in the Sicilian
Channel and to evaluate the contribution of citizen scientist to improve
knowledge about species, in this case for bottlenose dolphin a vulnerable
species listed in the Annex II of Habitat Directive (92/43 CE). The results
show that citizen dataset contributes to increase the distribution map of
the 22% more than only research data were considered. Citizen science
programme results useful to gain information in small areas not monitored
by scientific programs, such as in this study, and they would be very
useful if applied at large-scale. The promotion of citizen science programs
in specified small areas could be helpful to cover unmonitored zones, to
gain preliminary results and bridge the gap of knowledge about species
occurrence and distribution. For this reason, citizen support might help
competent authorities to answer to the environmental policies as Habitat
Directive and Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This study is a
demonstration of how citizen can encourage scientists to start long-term
research project in not regularly monitored areas.

Free access to the article will be available until the end of November
2018, via the following link:

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Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea). Me.Ri.S. starts focusing its researches
on bottlenose dolphin population inhabiting the water off Agrigento
Province (Mediterranean Sea). It promotes educational activities and
scientific training. For more information about Me.Ri.S activities visit
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