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Last year, in a collaborative effort to audit field approaches to marine monitoring, scientists from the Australian Marine Biodiversity Hub <http://www.nespmarine.edu.au/> released an online survey to gauge current patterns in users’ perceptions and awareness of various marine sampling gears.

Results from this questionnaire are now captured in the final project report, which is freely available online at:
https://www.nespmarine.edu.au/document/comparative-assessment-pelagic-sampling-methods-used-marine-monitoring <https://www.nespmarine.edu.au/document/comparative-assessment-pelagic-sampling-methods-used-marine-monitoring>

The report offers a detailed comparison of numerous gears/platforms commonly applied in pelagic monitoring and research (including marine mammal research), with an emphasis on their use in marine protected areas.

It can be cited as: Bouchet P, Phillips C, Huang Z, Meeuwig J, Foster S, Przeslawski R (2018). Comparative assessment of pelagic sampling methods used in marine monitoring. Report to the National Environmental Science Programme, Marine Biodiversity Hub, 149 p. 

Please feel free to distribute it widely!

Note that a companion piece on seafloor sampling is available for those also interested in benthic habitats/organisms.
https://www.nespmarine.edu.au/document/comparative-assessment-seafloor-sampling-platforms <https://www.nespmarine.edu.au/document/comparative-assessment-seafloor-sampling-platforms>

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