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Eva Maria Leunissen eva.leunissen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 21:39:50 PST 2018

Dear MARMAM community,

On behalf of my co-authors, I'm pleased to announce the publication of
our article:

Characteristics of vocalisations recorded from free-ranging Shepherd's
beaked whales, Tasmacetus shepherdi.

Eva M. Leunissen, Trudi Webster*, *and William Rayment, Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America, Vol 144, Issue 5, 2018, doi:

Beaked whales (family Ziphiidae) are among the least studied of all
the large mammals. This is especially true of Shepherd's beaked whale
(*Tasmacetus shepherdi*), which until recently had been very rarely
sighted alive, with nothing known about the species' acoustic
behaviour. Vocalisations of Shepherd's beaked whales were recorded
using a hydrophone array on two separate days during marine mammal
surveys of the Otago submarine canyons in New Zealand. After carefully
screening the recordings, two distinct call types were found;
broadband echolocation clicks, and burst pulses. Broadband
echolocation clicks (*n* = 476) had a median inter-click-interval
(ICI) of 0.46 s and median peak frequency of 19.2 kHz. The burst
pulses (*n* = 33) had a median peak frequency of constituent clicks
(*n* = 1741) of 14.7 kHz, and median ICI of 11 ms. These results
should be interpreted with caution due to the limited bandwidth used
to record the signals. To the authors' knowledge, this study presents
the first analysis of the characteristics of Shepherd's beaked whale
sounds. It will help with identification of the species in passive
acoustic monitoring records, and future efforts to further analyse
this species' vocalisations.

The full article, is available at https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5067380.

To request a PDF copy, please email me at eva.leunissen at gmail.com


Eva Leunissen
Department of Marine Science, University of Otago

Dunedin, New Zealand
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