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Dear MARMAM subscribers,

We are pleased to announce our new publication: D'Lima, C., Everingham, Y.,
Diedrich, A., Mustika, P.L., Hamann, M., Marsh, H. (2018) Using multiple
indicators to evaluate the sustainability of dolphin-based wildlife tourism
in rural India. *Journal of Sustainable Tourism*, DOI:

Link: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09669582.2018.1503671


Assessing wildlife tourism sustainability in developing countries is
crucial, but few studies analyse the sustainability of dolphin-based
wildlife tourism in this context. We measure multiple indicators within the
human dimensions of wildlife tourism, including tourist visitation numbers,
satisfaction, preferences, perceptions, background and specialisation, to
ascertain the extent to which the dolphin-watching industry at Chilika
Lagoon, in rural India might be considered sustainable. Our methods
included participant observation, tourist surveys, and the use of secondary
data on visitation over 10 years. We found that the growth rate of tourist
visitation over 10 years was beginning to decline. Tourists were mostly
inexperienced, and dissatisfied with their dolphin-watching experience.
Tourist preferences and perceptions showed useful insights and shortcomings
in the way in which the industry was being conducted and managed, and
reflected the expectations of non-specialist visitors. Our study highlights
drawbacks in the way that wildlife tourism is managed in a rural,
developing world context, which draws the sustainability of the
dolphin-watching industry in Chilika into question. Future development of
an early warning system that addresses combined governance or managerial,
social, economic and ecological indicators, and an integrated management
plan for conservation and wildlife tourism could contribute to the
sustainable management of such industries.

Please contact coralie.dlima at gmail.com for the full text.

Warm regards,
Coralie D’Lima
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