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Sean Bogle sean at wildlensinc.org
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Good day MARMAMers,

Wild Lens is a non-profit conservation media organization.  Our mission is to build conservation minded communities and produce content documenting the efforts of researchers, citizens scientists, and other organizations focused on the conservation of our natural world.

Many of you are aware that the vaquita porpoise is approaching imminent extinction. This does not mean that we should accept this outcome.  This is the moment where we all raise our voices and take action in order to do more than our best in trying to save this species. We want to continue to share our film project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea and all of our resources for everyone to use on their platforms.  We have included a  shortened 10 minute version of our 30 minute film, trailer, and PSA in English and Spanish to be imbedded on websites.  We would appreciate it for those that choose to use the short version of the film to please use language that directs viewers and any other interested parties to the Souls of the Vermilion Sea website, http://vaquitafilm.com <http://vaquitafilm.com/> if viewers would like to contact us to view the full length version. One of our strategies is to have interested parties contact us and encourage them to organize screenings, which will reach a broader audience. We are already seeing positive results with this strategy with consistent requests to screen the film globally followed by panel discussions. These discussion are crucial to the screening events and we emphasize this component when we are contacted.

Here is the link to the 10 minute film: http://wildlensinc.org/vaquitafilm/10min <http://wildlensinc.org/vaquitafilm/10min>

Vaquita PSA (English): http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/english <http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/english>

Vaquita PSA (Spanish): http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/spanish <http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/spanish> 

Trailer (Spanish): http://wildlensinc.org/almasdelmarbermejo/trailer/spanish <http://wildlensinc.org/almasdelmarbermejo/trailer/spanish>

Trailer (English): http://wildlensinc.org/soulsofthevermilionsea/trailer/english <http://wildlensinc.org/soulsofthevermilionsea/trailer/english>

To hold a screening visit: http://vaquitafilm.com/screenings/ <http://vaquitafilm.com/screenings/>

For more information about our vaquita film project please contact: Sean Bogle, Eyes on Conservation Project Director Email: sean at wildlensinc.org <mailto:sean at wildlensinc.org>

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