[MARMAM] New publication - Gammaherpesviruses in a South American fur seal (Arctocephalus australis) with ulcerative skin lesions

Carlos Sacristán Yagüe carlos_leopard at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:04:38 PDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of all co-authors, I am pleased to announce the publication of our article about herpesviruses in a South American fur seal (Arctocephalus australis) from Brazil.

Carlos Sacristan, Fernando Esperon, Ana Carolina Ewbank, Samira Costa-Silva, Juliana Marigo, Eliana Reiko Matushima, Cristiane Kiyomi Miyaji Kolesnikovas, and José Luiz Catão-Dias (2018). Identification of Novel Gammaherpesviruses in a South American Fur Seal (Arctocephalus australis) with Ulcerative Skin Lesions. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, doi: 10.7589/2017-09-224

In this manuscript we employed molecular techniques to identify a gammaherpesvirus infection by two putative novel herpesvirus species: Otariid herpesvirus 5 (OtHV-5), possibly associated with ulcerative cutaneous lesions, and Otariid herpesvirus 6 (OtHV-6) in a wild South American fur seal (Arctocephalus australis) that stranded alive in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Here we provide new information regarding pinniped herpesviruses, important for the design of future disease surveillance studies.


The article is available at link above or email: carlosvet.sac at gmail.com

Best regards

Carlos Sacristán Yagüe

Laboratory of  Wildlife Comparative Pathology - LAPCOM
School of  Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences - FMVZ
University of São Paulo (Brazil)

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