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The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center ​(MCERC) ​is open for registration for the Florida Coastal Biodiversity Internship Program ​with a focus for this session on manatee behavioral ecology and habitat. This is an opportunity for a 1 - ​3 week extended internship in Spring Hill, Florida! ​You will ​be walking beaches, kayaking​ in wetlands​ , swimming and snorkeling​ in coastal areas, and collecting acoustic recordings​. Below is an abbreviated list of ​learning​ objectives:


1)     Acoustic equipment set up and operation in the field

2)     ​Introduction to acoustic analysis (humpback whale song, manatee vocalizations, dolphin vocalizations, bird vocalizations)

3)     Photo ID using natural markings (manatee, dolphins, whales)

4)     Introduction to wildlife photography (getting your DSLR out of “auto”!)

5)     Designing and implementation of ethograms

6)     ​An examination of coastal habitats​ emphasizing an ecological approach to research.

7)     Consideration for challenges managing marine and coastal resources where humans and wildlife interface.

Program fee is $350USD per week for this structured curriculum designed to build field skills and emphasize sound, scientific research methods. Interns are responsible for travel to and from the field site and accommodation. For more ​details, please visit

http://Education.​M​arine-​E​co.org<https://nam03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http://Education.%E2%80%8BM%E2%80%8Barine-%E2%80%8BE%E2%80%8Bco.org&data=02%7c01%7c%7c37a69f191d1f4b3888e008d58e8f5fc2%7c84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7c1%7c0%7c636571668786643113&sdata=aajX3MtpTpnIfiY1T82YEmTPOc/qkll/6A9P9ARHQa8%3D&reserved=0>. ​Be sure to contact MCERC faculty before registering so that the program fees can be adjusted to your preferred length of internship.​

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