[MARMAM] Research internship: Vocal rhythms in harbour seal pups

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Research internship: Vocal rhythms in harbour seal pups

Call for application

A three-month Research Intern position is open for application at the Sealcentre Pieterburen, The Netherlands. The successful candidate will actively perform bioacoustics research with newborn harbour seal pups (usually 1-3 weeks old) under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Ravignani. The project will investigate how harbour seal pups time their calls interactively with conspecifics, as part of a larger Belgian/EU project on pinniped bioacoustics. The candidate will receive training in pinniped behaviour, bioacoustics, experimental design, etc. Apart from hands-on research with animals, depending on the interests of the candidate, there will be possibilities to work on other research projects, or as an assistant seal nurse.

Qualifications: Bachelor or Master degree in any of the following disciplines: Biology, Psychology, Zoology, Animal Behaviour, Marine Biology, Neurosciences, Psychobiology, Cognitive Sciences, Speech and Language Sciences, Sound engineering, etc.

Necessary skills: Crucially, the candidate must (1) have a working command of English, (2) be enthusiastic about behavioural animal research, and (3) be willing to work hard. Previous experience with animals, audio recordings and playback experiments is a plus.

Location and accommodation: Pieterburen is a small town in a natural area of the Netherlands. At any point in time, it hosts tens of young international students, volunteers, and veterinarians, all interested in seals. The university town of Groningen (200,000 inhabitants) is less than an hour away. If needed, cheap onsite accommodation can be provided.

Financial matters: This is an unpaid internship.

Starting date: June, 1st, 2018.

How to apply: Applicants should send a brief cover letter (a few sentences on their reasons for applying) and a CV to Andrea Ravignani (andrea.ravignani at gmail.com).

Application deadline: April, 15th, 2018

-Sealcentre Pieterburen: https://www.zeehondencentrum.nl 
-Andrea Ravignani: https://ravignani.wordpress.com 

Andrea Ravignani
Research Dpt., Sealcentre Pieterburen
AI-Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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