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Good day MARMAMers,

Wild Lens is a non-profit conservation media organization.  Our mission is to build conservation-minded communities and produce content documenting the efforts of researchers, citizens scientists, and other organizations focused on the conservation of our natural world.

Many of you are aware that the vaquita porpoise is approaching imminent extinction. This does not mean that we should accept this outcome. With International Save the Vaquita Day just around the corner, July 7, 2018 there's never been a better time to all raise our voices and take action to do more than our best in trying to save this species.

We want to continue to share our film project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea, and all of our resources for everyone to use. Since releasing the film, we've encouraged interested parties to contact us and organize screenings, helping the vaquita's story to reach as many people as possible. We've been contacted by people all around the globe who have organized screenings, many of which have been followed by panel discussions. These discussions are crucial to the screening events and we encourage and provide guidance on this component when we are contacted. Our screening package consists of all media content and educational materials and activities.

With ISTVD taking place on July 7, we're hoping to raise as much awareness as we can and have joined forces with Viva Vaquita, a charity dedicated to saving this unique endangered species. There are events happening all over the world and we'd love to continue seeing more screenings of our film joining the ever-growing list of events.

To see where the events are happening or organise one of your own, visit: http://www.vivavaquita.org/international-save-the-vaquita-day-2018.html <http://www.vivavaquita.org/international-save-the-vaquita-day-2018.html>

Or if you'd like to hold a screening of our film, visit: http://vaquitafilm.com/screenings/ <http://vaquitafilm.com/screenings/>

If you can't hold a screening but want to show your support for the vaquita on July 7, you can help by sharing one of the videos below. To choose from, there's a 10-minute version of the full-length film, trailer, and a PSA in English and Spanish that you can embed on a website.  

10-minute film: http://wildlensinc.org/vaquitafilm/10min <http://wildlensinc.org/vaquitafilm/10min>

Trailer (Spanish): http://wildlensinc.org/almasdelmarbermejo/trailer/spanish <http://wildlensinc.org/almasdelmarbermejo/trailer/spanish>

Trailer (English): http://wildlensinc.org/soulsofthevermilionsea/trailer/english <http://wildlensinc.org/soulsofthevermilionsea/trailer/english>

Vaquita PSA (English): http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/english <http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/english>

Vaquita PSA (Spanish): http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/spanish <http://wildlensinc.org/wildlifespeaks/vaquitapsa/spanish> 

If you want to share any of these videos online, please consider using the sample post below as it would be great to get as many people visiting our website as possible so that others can continue learning about this highly endangered species. 

"Have you ever heard of the vaquita? It's the world's smallest porpoise and one of its most endangered species. Want to find out more? Visit  http://vaquitafilm.com <http://vaquitafilm.com/>”

 Available ISTVD graphics for social media platforms and websites: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f1c9e3qx4mmqhw0/AAAeO8pgR-kYdqhh1rH_f5hea?dl=0 <https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f1c9e3qx4mmqhw0/AAAeO8pgR-kYdqhh1rH_f5hea?dl=0> 

For more information about our vaquita film project please contact: Sean Bogle, Eyes on Conservation Project Director Email: sean at wildlensinc.org <mailto:sean at wildlensinc.org>

Viva Vaquita!

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