[MARMAM] African Bioacoustics Conference (3-7 Dec 2018)

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Mon Jun 18 13:08:21 PDT 2018

*African Bioacoustics Community conference: Call for Abstracts And
Registration now open!*

3-7 December 2018
Cape Town

We are excited to announce that the first  *African Bioacoustics Community
conference will be held in Cape Town on the **3rd-7th December 2018*.  The
conference is open to marine mammal researchers working throughout the
globe, but we are particularly interested in hearing from those researchers
working within the region and those studying migratory species moving
through the region.

All aspects of marine mammal acoustic behaviour, effects of noise on marine
mammals and issues related to detection, classification, localisation &
density estimation of marine mammals would be welcome.
​The goal of the conference  and ABC is to build links between researchers
working​ on all taxa but using the common approach of bio-acoustic methods.

The ABC conference 2018 is hosted by the University of Cape Town, the
Centre for Statistics in Ecology, the Environment and Conservation (
http://www.seec.uct.ac.za/), and Sea Search Research and Conservation (

For further details please refer to the
*Website:* https://africanbioacoustic.wixsite.com/abcommunity  , join the
associated facebook
group (
,  or email directly on :
africanbioacoustics at gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming delegates to Cape Town!

ABC Conference Organis

​Tess Gridley​, Anna Bastian, Simon Elwen
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