[MARMAM] Humpback whale research Jervis Bay, NSW - Seeking Research Assistants

Alexandra Jones alexandra.jones1 at sydney.edu.au
Sat Jun 16 14:59:11 PDT 2018

Dear all,

We are seeking Research Assistants for humpback whale research in Jervis Bay, NSW.

The research project aims to investigate the habitat usage patterns of mother-calf humpback whale groups in a proposed resting ground during their southern migration, as well as the use of UAVs (drones) in detecting whales.

The study will be undertaken in Jervis Bay, approximately 3 hours south of Sydney, from approximately September 14th to November 4th, 2018 (please note these are estimated start and end dates and actual dates may vary slightly).

Full-time volunteers are required to participate in land-based observations of whales. Preference will be given to volunteers available for the full 7 weeks; however, if availability is limited, then consideration may be made for individuals with field experience for the first or second half of the fieldwork block (minimum 3 weeks).

Land-based theodolite surveys will be undertaken from the lighthouse at Point Perpendicular Jervis Bay, to record the abundance, behaviour and distribution of whales in the Bay and compare with UAV flights. Participants will spend approximately five hours per day (in two shifts) taking observations and about two hours in data checking and processing data. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in data-collection surveys on board vessels in Jervis Bay (one day every one to two weeks).

Candidates need to be sociable and outgoing, as they will be expected to work and live as part of a team, with shared cooking and cleaning duties, living fairly isolated on the grounds of the lighthouse. Volunteers must organise and pay for their own transport to Jervis Bay, accommodation will be provided. We may ask for a small contribution to cover part of the food expenses, but the intention is to cover all expenses if funding is adequate. As meals are communal, fussy eaters are discouraged from applying (vegetarians are fine).

This project will suit people with a background in science (including recent graduates and graduate students as well as higher level undergraduate students) keen to gain experience in cetacean survey techniques. Applicants should also be highly motivated and able to concentrate for several hours at a time. Those with previous survey experience, particularly with marine mammals, will be preferred.

To apply, please email clearly stating previous relevant experience, availability and suitability, and why you would like to participate, including any other relevant details. Include your CV and details of two professional referees.

Closing date for applications is 8 July 2018, and successful applicants will be notified at the end of July.

Kind regards,

Alex Jones
PhD Candidate

School of Geosciences

The University of Sydney
alexandra.jones1 at sydney.edu.au<mailto:alexandra.jones1 at sydney.edu.au>

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