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We are pleased to announce the publication of the following article in

Meyer-Gutbrod, E.L., C.H. Greene, and K.T.A. Davies. 2018. Marine species
range shifts necessitate advanced policy planning: The case of the North
Atlantic right whale. *Oceanography*31(2),

Rising global temperatures are causing a poleward shift in species
distribution. Range shift velocities are higher in the marine environment,
with observed rates of 30–130 km per decade. Both protected and exploited
species will be at risk if marine species management policies are not
structured to anticipate these range shifts. The 2017 mass mortality event
of the North Atlantic right whale showcases the detrimental impact of
unanticipated climate-mediated behavior in a species protected by
geographically and seasonally fixed policies. Based on the results of a
demographic capture-​recapture model, right whales may face extinction in
fewer than 30 years unless protective policies are expanded to cover their
shifting distribution. Increased support of long-term monitoring programs
paired with environmental modeling research is critical to developing more
proactive conservation management strategies and preventing further
ecological crises.

Erin Meyer-Gutbrod, Ph.D.

Marine Science Institute; Rm 3405
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150

eringutbrod at gmail.com
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