[MARMAM] Opportunity for students in Baltic Sea

Isabella Kratzer isabella.kratzer at thuenen.de
Sun Jun 10 03:33:03 PDT 2018

Dear MARMAM-members,

as summer is coming up we have an exciting research project going on in the Baltic Sea in Denmark. We are looking at behavioral reactions of harbor porpoises to (modified) gillnets as well as gillnet components in order to identify tools for an efficient by-catch reduction in the gillnet fishery. We will be on the beautiful island Fyn and the weather so far has been very promising!
We are looking for (student) volunteers in the period between July 23rd and Sept 9th to help us watching for porpoises via theodolite as well as aerial observations via Helikite and also using hydrophones. Duties comprise a variety of tasks ranging from simply watching out for porpoises to helping when deploying/retrieving gear from the boat and other tasks. We will provide room and board and lots of fun, unfortunately there cannot be a compensation.
If you are interested - also for just one or two weeks in the given period - let me know. We will be happy to provide an opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Looking foward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,

Isabella Kratzer
Thünen-Institut für Ostseefischerei/ Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries
Alter Hafen Süd 2
18069 Rostock (Germany)

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