[MARMAM] New publication on the distribution of harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea

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Tue Jul 31 04:11:17 PDT 2018

Dear all,

Me and my fellow SAMBAHrians are very pleased to share the publication of
the following new paper in Biological Conservation:

*Basin-scale distribution of harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea provides
basis for effective conservation actions*
Ida Carlén, Len Thomas, Julia Carlström, Mats Amundin, Jonas Teilmann, Nick
Tregenza, Jakob Tougaard, Jens C. Koblitz, Signe Sveegaard, Daniel
Wennerberg, Olli Loisa, Michael Dähne, Katharina Brundiers, Monika Kosecka,
Line Anker Kyhn, Cinthia Tiberi Ljungqvist, Iwona Pawliczka, Radomil Koza,
Bartlomiej Arciszewski, Anders Galatius, Martin Jabbusch, Jussi
Laaksonlaita, Jussi Niemi, Sami Lyytinen, Anja Gallus, Harald Benke, Penina
Blankett, Krzysztof E. Skóra, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez
Biological Conservation, Volume 226
October 2018, Pages 42-53

*Abstract:* Knowledge on spatial and seasonal distribution of species is
crucial when designing protected areas and implementing management actions.
The Baltic Proper harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) population is
critically endangered, and its distribution is virtually unknown. Here, we
used passive acoustic monitoring and species distribution models to
describe the spatial and seasonal distribution of harbour porpoises in the
Baltic Proper. Porpoise click detectors were deployed over a systematic
grid of 297 stations in eight countries from April 2011 through July 2013.
Generalized additive models were used to describe the monthly probability
of detecting porpoise clicks as a function of spatially-referenced
covariates and time. During the reproductive season, two main areas of high
probability of porpoise detection were identified. One of those areas,
situated on and around the offshore banks in the Baltic Proper, is clearly
separated from the known distribution range of the Belt Sea population
during breeding season, suggesting this is an important breeding ground for
the Baltic Proper population. We commend the designation of this area as a
marine protected area and recommend Baltic Sea countries to also protect
areas in the southern Baltic Sea and the Hanö Bight where additional
important harbour porpoise habitats were identified. Further conservation
measures should be carried out based on analyses of overlap between harbour
porpoise distribution and potentially harmful anthropogenic activities. Our
study shows that large-scale systematic monitoring using novel techniques
can give important insights on the distribution of low-density populations,
and that international cooperation is pivotal when studying transnationally
migratory species.


Free download through this link until 14 September:
Or just contact me and I will happily provide you with the PDF.

Best regards from the SAMBAH team :)

Ida Carlén
Department of Zoology, Stockholm University

+46 70 3133067
ida.carlen at zoologi.su.se
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