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As a follow-up to my post about predatory publishing, I contacted the
editor of PLoS One (from which all the articles in the book were taken) and
this was his response:

"The CC BY license under which we publish our content does allow reuse and
repackaging content, also for commercial purposes. The license does however
also provide the requirement for an attribution, see here:

"Some of the requirements appear to be met, as for example it appears as if
PLOS ONE is mentioned in the book as origin of the material used (though it
seems not on individual chapters), and author names and titles of the
papers remain the same. I am no lawyer myself, and our legal department has
been looking into the matter as well from our perspective. As authors of
the works used you may possibly have different legal recourses, and an
expert could confirm if that is the case. "

The book includes a "Permissions" page which cites PLoS One, but the
original citations have been stripped from each paper.  The text also
strongly implies that authors have "contributed" to the book, which
obviously they have not.  For me, the fact that they explicitly allow
repackaging of content provides a pretty good reason not to publish in PLoS

I am interested as to whether other journals' Open Access policies are
similar to that of PLoS One, and I have enquired with the Royal Society of
London (for which I was an Associate Editor for many years).

The "Permissions" page of the book also gives great praise to the
publishers, including noting that the "designing team" carefully
scrutinized images to come up with the best cover for this marine mammal
book - a cover which includes, front and center, a turtle.

On a happier note, I've been deluged with requests for reprints of my dog's
latest paper!

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