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A colleague alerted me to this today... a predatory publisher has taken
original articles from PLoS One, stripped the citations, and packaged them
in a book entitled "An Integrated Study Of Marine Mammals".  Consequently,
it looks like the citation for these papers is this fraudulent book.  The
authors (at least the ones I know) were not contacted nor did they give
permission.  The book is for sale at $107 a copy on Amazon (who I've
contacted to make them aware of the issue); the publisher itself is
charging $150 a copy.  Here's the publisher link... as you can see, they do
this a lot:


The "editor" of this volume appears to be completely fictitious.

Below is a listing of first authors and subjects from the 20 chapters of
this book... if you've published in PLoS One lately, and you recognize the
first authorship, there's a good chance you're in here.

Benoit-Bird: pelagic ecosystems
Meager: marine mammal mortality
Christensen: Recovery trends
Sterling: fur seal migration
Gowan: right whales
Baker: Predator-prey interactions
Braulik: Indus dolphin
Carroll: right whales and whaling
Double: Pygmy blue whales
Matthews: right whale monitoring
Apprill: humpback whale bacteria
Amaral: Clymene dolphin
McMahon: elephant seals
Schorr: Ziphius diving
Wilson: harbor seal foraging
Silva: Bayesian state-space models
Deng: sonar systems and marine mammals
Aguilar: Nitrogen stable isotopes
Peterson: PCB concentrations
Maniscalco: Steller sea lion natality

On a related and more humorous note, my dog recently succeeded in
publishing a paper in a predatory journal, co-authored with another dog and
a chicken:

A. Wünderlandt, O. Doll and G. Usalida.  2018.  Solicitation of patient
consent for bilateral orchiectomy in male canids: Time to rethink the
obligatory paradigm.  *Examines in Marine Biology and Oceanography* 2(1):
1-2,  doi:10.31031/EIMBO.2018.02.000528.

Reprint available on request...!

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