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Dolphin Training and Cognition Internship

This unpaid internship involves learning to care for and train captive dolphins for cognitive research. The work will be undertaken at the US Navy Marine Mammal facility at Point Loma, San Diego. This 18-month internship is broken down into two phases, for which interns will receive college credits. For the first 9 months, interns will be taught (through the National Marine Mammal Foundation’s training program) the maintenance and husbandry behaviors required for the care and feeding of bottlenose dolphins, as well as the rudiments of dolphin training. After successful completion of this phase, the interns will then conduct cognitive research with these animals, under the direction of Dr. Christine Johnson, from UCSD’s Department of Cognitive Science. Following this work, interns may be able to move into a paid position, or be qualified to find work as a dolphin trainer at other facilities. In addition, the possibility of doing graduate work - including designing and conducting your own cognitive research - at Point Loma may also be an option.


- American citizenship

- Available for 3 days/week, full time, 6:30-2:30, for duration of program

- Must be enrolled for college credits throughout (University or Community College ok)

- Begins Sept 10, 2018

- Application DEADLINE: JULY 29, 2018

Please contact Dr. Johnson - at c8johnson at ucsd.edu<mailto:c8johnson at ucsd.edu> - for further details and an application.

Christine M. Johnson PhD

Dolphin Cognition Lab

Dept. of Cognitive Science

University of California, San Diego


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