[MARMAM] 2nd Announcement of the 2018 DCLDE Workshop, 4-8 June, Paris, FRANCE

Olivier ADAM olivier.adam at upmc.fr
Fri Jan 26 06:28:30 PST 2018

Dear MARMAM Community,


Some fresh news about the 8th session of the International Workshop on
Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation of marine
mammals using passive acoustics (2018 DCLDE Workhsop):


1. If you want to participate to our challenge, the dataset is now online!

Please go to http://sabiod.univ-tln.fr/DCLDE/ and select the tab "challenge"

If you have any question, feel free to send me an email
(olivier.adam at upmc.fr)


2. We also change the important dates. Now, please consider the following

April 1st, 2018: Deadline for abstract submission

April 15, 2018: Notification of abstract status (accepted or declined)

April 29, 2018: Deadline for early registration


3. To submit your abstract, please use the form that you can find on line.
Go to http://sabiod.univ-tln.fr/DCLDE/ and select the tab "Oral and poster

Then, please send it to me (olivier.adam at upmc.fr)


4. You can also proceed to your registration now directly on line. Go to
http://sabiod.univ-tln.fr/DCLDE/ and select the tab "Registration". You will
find Paypal buttons for it.

If any question/problem, please send an email to olivier.adam at upmc.fr



I hope to see in France for this conference. I will be at the Sorbonne
University (www.upmc.fr or www.sorbonne-universite.fr/) from the 4th to the
8th of June!


All the best, 

Olivier ADAM

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