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Andreas afahlman at whoi.edu
Fri Jan 26 09:54:37 PST 2018

Dear All 
The Oceanografic Foundation are organizing a workshop on biosensors that may be of interest to some marine mammal enthusiasts. The workshop includes 4 lectures on Tuesday (January 31) by the following researchers:
Carlos Duarte: CAASE: a new approach to ocean observation
Rory Wilson: Tracking marine life
Mark Meekan:  Movement of large animals at the Ocean scale
Muhammad Hussain: New technology in animal wearables

The lectures will be streamed live starting at 18:00 (European standard time) and please join us at the following link:

https://www.oceanografic.org/oceanoexpertos/ <https://www.oceanografic.org/oceanoexpertos/>

>  <https://www.oceanografic.org/oceanoexpertos/>

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