[MARMAM] High-quality images of pinnipeds required for educational website

Debs Allbrook debz_allbrook at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 25 05:13:54 PST 2018

Morning all,

We are putting out a request for good quality images of pinnipeds for use on a new website which will serve as an educational resource for children and students on the marine environment, marine mammals in particular. Species required are all eared and earless species except Harbour Seal, Grey Seal, and Southern Elephant Seal. Images will accompany information about the species, and the photographer will be credited next to the image. Unfortunately we cannot offer any payment for the pictures, but as stated, the photographer will be credited on the website. If anyone has suitable images for us that they would like to be used for environmental education, then please could they send a reasonably high res. version to pinniped.org at gmail.com<mailto:pinniped.org at gmail.com>.

Many thanks in advance.

Debs Allbrook

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