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Tue Jan 16 06:37:48 PST 2018

Dear All,

WDC is delighted to announce the 2018 WDC Bharathi Viswanathan Award for Innovative and Non-Invasive Research where up to £5,000 is available for the recipient.

WDC strives to ensure that benign research methods are promoted as a guiding principle, both for our own organisation and the researchers that we fund and through this Award we aim to showcase non-invasive research methodologies, highlighting the fact that many of these methods provide scientific data of excellent quality, whilst also promoting the development of innovative and non-invasive approaches towards studying cetaceans.

Further details and the relevant guidelines and forms etc. can be found here - http://bit.ly/1wulxgE

Applications will be accepted at any time until the closing date, midnight (GMT) March 6th 2018.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch,
   Good Luck,

Nicola Hodgins

T - +44 1249449537
Skype – nicola.hodgins
Twitter – nicola_hodgins

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