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Greetings all,

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce the publication of the following article in 
Marine Pollution Bulletin :

"Floating macro-litter along the Mediterranean French coast: 
Composition, density, distribution and overlap with cetacean range".

Nathalie Di-Méglio and Ilaria Campana

*a b s t r a c t
*This study investigated the composition, density and distribution of 
floating macro-litter along the Liguro-Provençal basin with respect to 
cetaceans presence. Survey transects were performed in summer between 
2006 and 2015 from sailing vessels with simultaneous cetaceans 
observations. During 5171 km travelled, 1993 floating items were 
recorded, widespread in the whole study area. Plastics was the 
predominant category, with bags/packaging always representing N45% of 
total items. Overall mean density (14.98 items/km2) was stable with 
significant increase reported only in 2010–2011; monthly analysis showed 
lower litter densities in July–September, suggesting possible seasonal 
patterns. Kernel density estimation for plastics revealed ubiquitous 
distribution rather than high accumulation areas, mainly due to the 
circulation dynamics of this area. The presence range of cetaceans (259 
sightings, 6 species) corresponded by ~50% with plastic distribution, 
indicating high potential of interaction, especially in the eastern part 
of the area, but effective risks for marine species might be 

The full text can be downloaded using this links : 

or in contacting the authors, Nathalie Di-Méglio 
(nathalie.di-meglio at wanadoo.fr <mailto:nathalie.di-meglio at wanadoo.fr>) 
or Ilaria Campana (ilariacampana at yahoo.it <mailto:ilariacampana at yahoo.it>)

Kind regards,

Nathalie and Ilaria

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