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Cetacea Lab is a land based whale research facility located along the remote north coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are now accepting applications for the 2018 field season from May until the end of September. All positions are for 1 to 2 months duration. There is a weekly fee for food. These are volunteer/intern positions to help with the collection of data on the habitat use and abundance of northern resident/transient killer whales, humpback and fin whales. Both the Lab and out camp are located in areas of high abundance of all 3 species. Due to our extreme remote location applicants need to be in good physical condition, able to participate with the daily routine of living off the grid and comfortable sleeping in a tent in the wilderness of BC. There is a lot of hard physical work that will come with this position, you must be fit without any physical injuries. There are no roads, very limited Internet access, very limited medical service and power is completely off the grid.

- Daily shifts involve scanning for whales, documenting all sightings and when possible to take identification pictures of whales

- Listening and recording all whale vocalizations that are transmitted to the lab facility from our network of hydrophone stations

  *   -  Data entry from land based and marine vessel based surveys

  *   -  Identification work of all whales from photographs taken in the field

  *   -  There will also be a lot of heavy lifting and moving over uneven rocky terrain, chopping wood ( our only source of heat) and assistance with the physical maintenance of hydrophone stations.

- Experience with carpentry, electronics, IT, social media, website building and environmental communications would be a valuable asset. Interested applicants should send a letter describing why they would like to join our team, CV and letter of reference to Whalepoint at outlook.com<mailto:Whalepoint at outlook.com>

References will be contacted. More information about our research can be found at www.forwhales.org<http://www.forwhales.org>

All the Best, Hermann Meuter
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