[MARMAM] Whale-watching guidelines for Critically Endangered and Endangered Cetaceans

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Dear all,

An effort is being made to provide an initial review of whale-watching regulations/guidelines for IUCN listed Endangered and Critically Endangered cetaceans.  Carlson (2012) and O’Connor et al. (2009) and searches were used to determine if whale-watching and whale-watching regulations/guidelines were present for these species.  The reviewers, however, realize that these references may not have the most up to date information.  If you have more current information for these species it would be greatly appreciated if you would share this information with the reviewers as well as a reference the information can be cited from. Information can be sent to: Christine Gleason, cgleaso2 at gmu.edu<mailto:cgleaso2 at gmu.edu>.  All information is needed by January 29th, 2018.

Thank-you for your help,
Christine Gleason
PhD Candidate
George Mason University
Fairfax, Va. USA

Carlson, C. (2012). A review of whale-watching guidelines and regulation around the world. Version 2012. A report for ACCOBAMS.

O’Connor, S., R. Campbell, H. Cortez, and T. Knowles.2009.Whale Watching Worldwide: tourism numbers, expenditures and expanding economic benefits, a special report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Yarmouth MA, USA, prepared by the Economists at Large.

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