[MARMAM] Aquatic Mammals photos for VIVA Baleias, Golfinhos e cia website and educational use

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Wed Feb 28 12:07:32 PST 2018


Dear MARMAM members, 

Subject: Aquatic Mammals photos for our website and educational use. 

_VIVA Baleias, Golfinhos e cia_ is an independent Brazilian organization
which aims to contribute to the preservation of aquatic mammals and
their habitats in an ethical and responsible manner, researching and
fomenting research, supporting students and young researchers, teaching
and disseminating scientific information, raising awareness and
sensitizing human beings, showing the problems and challenges that these
animals face, seeking ways to protect them and keep them on the Planet. 

Very soon our website (still under construction:
vivabaleiasgolfinhosecia.bio.br) will be "online" and we need photos of
all aquatic mammals species. These images will be used only for
noncommercial use, just for educational purposes: in our website in
order to illustrate the species technical report ("EspécieVIVA"), in
schools and conferences talks, at Facebook and Instagram´s posts related
to the species. We will ALWAYS show the image´s credit: person´s name
and Institution´s name. 

If you would like to contribute with your photos, please contact us at:
miamorete at viva.bio.br until March 15th 2018. 

Thank you very much 

Mia Morete 


_"Todos os seres nascem iguais perante a vida e têm o mesmo direito a






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