[MARMAM] Advice on false killer whales in shallow in Belize

Eric Ramos eric.angel.ramos at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 07:51:06 PST 2018

Greetings MARMAM,
We are urgently in search of advice on handling a group of ~50 false killer
whales (Pseudorca crassidens) in the shallows in Belize in the Caribbean Sea.
They were first observed approaching vessels on the 18th and since then have
been seen repeatedly on the west side of a large mangrove caye island chain, in
waters 4-8 m deep near a larger deeper (20 m +) channel. This is the deepest
nearby channel and likely where they entered the coastal lagoon from the deep
A map of the region and the sighting can be found here:
We are unsure of the possibilities of helping these animals at this point, but
we are mobilizing various stranding partners to assess the situation and assist
in whatever way possible. We are unsure if attempts to herd the animals towards
deep water would be successful, but the chances of these animals finding their
way back to the deep are their own are slim.
If you can provide any advice or assistance, we would greatly appreciate it. I
can be reached at:
eric.angel.ramos at gmail.com
Thank you!
Eric Angel Ramos
Belize Marine Mammal Stranding Network
PhD CandidateAnimal Behavior & Comparative PsychologyThe Graduate Center, City
University of New YorkMember of IUCN SSC Sirenia Specialist Group for
Mesoamericaeric.angel.ramos at gmail.comtwitter: @EricAngelRamoscell (US): 1(347)
336-5567cell (BZ): 501 607-0462
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