[MARMAM] New paper - association patterns of bottlenose dolphins in Argentina

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Thu Feb 22 23:42:54 PST 2018

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you on the publication of my new paper on the
association patterns of bottlenose dolphins in Argentina.

Vermeulen, E. 2018. Association patterns of bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops*
*truncatus*) in Bahıa San Antonio, Argentina. Marine Mammal Science. DOI:

This study aims to investigate the association patterns of a small and
population of bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) in Bahıa San
(Argentina), and assess any seasonal variation in view of the reported
seasonal variation in the population’s grouping behavior. The estimation of
social differentiation
(S) was 0.29 (SE 5 0.08), suggesting a homogenous society. The half-weight
(HWI) averaged 0.23 (6 0.06), with evidence of long-term preferred
However, data showed seasonal variation in the association patterns. In
when large groups were reported in this population, HWI values averaged 0.30
(6 0.09) with no indication of preferred or avoided associations. However,
summer, when group size was generally small, HWI values averaged 0.14 (6
0.07), with an indication of preferred/avoided associations. This study
that the social structure of the bottlenose dolphins in Bahıa San Antonio
seems relatively
homogenous and flexible over time, with the formation of a random social
network at times when large aggregations are formed, and a more disconnected
network made up of strongly connected components when the cost of grouping

The paper is available at
or upon request at elsvermeulen5 at gmail.com

Kind regards,


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