[MARMAM] Internship and Volunteer Positions at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Eszter Matrai eszter.matrai at oceanpark.com.hk
Tue Feb 20 22:57:23 PST 2018

Internship and Volunteer Positions Available at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Get involved in Hong Kong’s longest running ex-situ research program, be part of our international team of students and scientists and experience what it takes to work in the research field!

Full-time and part-time unpaid internship and volunteer positions are currently being offered by the Acoustic Research Laboratory, Tropical Marine Science Institute of the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Ocean Park Hong Kong. For the last 12 years the Acoustic Research Laboratory has been conducting studies on the cognitive and sensory capabilities of bottlenose dolphins living at Ocean Park with a focus on echolocation and underwater acoustics.

Interns and volunteers receive intensive hands-on experience by participating in all aspects of the ongoing research and laboratory activities, including assistance in the daily research sessions with the dolphins, data processing and analysis, and also assisting with the projects administrative and maintenance requirements.

Our Internship program provides an intensive, full time (5 days/week) research experience. Our students have a chance to closely follow the day-to-day progress of the ongoing projects and to gain deeper understanding of experimental design and execution. This position is ideal for graduate students and candidates that are looking for comprehensive internship experience. The proposed period for interns is minimum of three months.

Volunteers join our team on a weekly basis (1-3 days/week). They gain valuable insight to daily operation of the research program and able to follow the progress of the experiments throughout an extended period of time. It is an ideal position for students that are currently studying or candidates with part time jobs looking to get experience on the research field. The time of the volunteer period is flexible, depending on the volunteer’s weekly schedule and the level of involvement.

¥       Have at least 2 years of university experience
¥       Have a positive attitude and obtain a strong willingness to learn
¥       Good oral/written communication skills in English
¥       Basic computer knowledge
¥       Must be able to maintain a high energy level throughout the workday
¥       Must be able to work unpaid
¥       Must be responsible for food, accommodation and transportation
¥       Past experience with animals preferred, but not required
¥       Successful visa application to HKSAR (this applies for International applicants only)

International applicants must apply for a training visa to Hong Kong (for details please contact us).

•       Statement of Interest
•       Period of availability
•       Academic records
•       Letters of reference
•       Curriculum Vitae

Please send applications to eszter.matrai at oceanpark.com.hk with "Dolphin Research Internship" in the subject line.

Eszter Matrai MSc
Research Department
Ocean Park Corporation
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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