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The purpose of the photo ID intern position is to give candidates experience in the process of collecting sighting photos and data in the field and preparing that material for later research. Photo ID interns will be collecting data on various cetaceans (dolphins, blue whales, humpbacks, fin whales, gray whales, etc.) while on whale watches. Primary responsibilities of the position include but are not limited, to handling photography equipment, participating in whale watches in various weather conditions, uploading photos and data to our database, and processing photos and sighting data for further utilization.
Commitment: 240 hours total, average 15-20 hours per week for 12-15 weeks

Interns will receive training and experience in the following
-Learning the methods of wildlife observation and data collection in the field
-Using DSLR photography equipment
-Taking dorsal and caudal fin photos of animals encountered during daily whale watches
-Maintaining detailed data logs of sightings
-Create a project to display to Aquarium guests using whale data
-Photo processing with Adobe Lightroom and data entry with Microsoft Access

What the Aquarium of the Pacific expects from interns
-The drive and ability to learn tasks quickly and well
-To perform all of their assigned duties promptly and reliably
-To be prompt and on time
-To exercise care and judgment when working on a boat
-To abide by all Aquarium of the Pacific staff guidelines and policies
-The ability to meet the minimum time commitments of the position

-Must be 18 years of age or older
-Completed and pass a background check

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
-Basic knowledge of ecological and biological principles
-Some background knowledge of marine mammals
-Strong communication skills to transmit information to staff, visitors and whale watch participants in a clear and thorough manner
-Ability to manage multiple tasks
-Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs on stairs, boats, docks, etc.
-Prior experience with DSLR cameras or photo software is preferred but not required

-Must complete general orientation session and data collection training
-Research project completed during internship period (to be determined by student in collaboration with program coordinator)

James Stewart
Education Coordinator of Boat Programs
Aquarium of the Pacific
jstewart at lbaop.org<mailto:jstewart at lbaop.org>

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