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Fri Feb 16 09:22:55 PST 2018

Dear Marmam subscribers, 

Having published papers previously on solitary dolphins (see references below), we are currently working on an up to date review of welfare issues facing these animals and, therefore, we are trying to identify which solitary dolphins are currently being monitored and/or studied. 

We have carried out searches using Google, Google Scholar and Web of Science. The dolphins which were recorded most recently (i.e. in 2017/2018) include Fungie (Ireland), Pechocho (Mexico), Jojo (Turks and Caicos), Fiete/Freddy (seen in Germany and France) and Randy/Dony/Georges (seen in France, Ireland and Belgium). 

Most mentions of solitary dolphins are found on news and NGO websites, but we list recent peer-reviewed papers below. 

If you have any details of solitary dolphins other than those mentioned above which you are able to share with us, we would appreciate hearing from you!

Thank you for your help. 

Kind regards, 

Mark Simmonds and Laetitia Nunny

laetitia.nunny at mac.com <mailto:laetitia.nunny at mac.com>


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